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Tenergy T2880 Smart Charger with 4 AA Ready To Use (R2U) NiMH Batteries

Part Number TN156-AA
Tenergy T2880 Smart Charger with 4 AA Ready To Use (R2U) NiMH Batteries
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Are you tired of throwing away batteries month after month?

Then look no further. These are the next generation of rechargeable batteries.

Not only are they pre-charged and ready to use (R2U) right out of the package, but when they're charged they stay charged for up to two years.

We have packaged a combo together which includes 4 AA batteries and a smart charger to ensure hundreds of worry free recharges.

Features & Benefits

Smart Charger

  • LCD screen displays the charging status for each battery.
  • This smart charger uses four individual charging channels to charge each battery individually and protects each battery with an automatic shutoff when fully charged.
  • It is microprocessor controlled with temperature sensors and reverse polarity protection to ensure proper charging.
  • Includes AC adapter and 12V car adapter.


  • This package includes 4 AA ready to use (R2U) NiMH batteries.
  • These batteries can be charged up to 1000 times.
  • They have a 2300 mAH capacity and are designed for electronic devices like breathalyzers.
  • No memory effect ensures a full charge every time.
  • Once they are charged, they keep 85% of their capacity for up to a year, and 70% after two years of storage.
  • These batteries can be used in any electronic device and are designed to replace standard AA batteries.
Ready to Use

What's Included

  • 30 minute smart charger
  • Four AA ready to use (RTU) NiMH batteries
  • AC adapter
  • 12V car adapter

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