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BC introduces tougher laws to reduce drinking and driving.
Posted by The Breathalyzer Team on 9/20/2010
Effective today, the BC government has introduced a tougher law to help reduce the amount of impaired driving in their province.

Now, if the driver is found to have greater than 0.08% alcohol in their system, they now face an immediate 90 day driving ban. Provincial Solicitor-General Mike de Jong stated, “This will impose the toughest sanction in the land, and we hope, change behaviour.".

Also, refusing to give a breathalyzer sample during a roadside stop is no longer a way out. Police now have authorization to place a 24 hour temporary suspension on drivers.

This is in addition to the earlier change this year to the lower limit being sent at 0.05%. Which results in a fine and a temporary suspension for three days, but with no criminal charge.

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