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Back On Track
Posted by The Breathalyzer Team on 10/14/2011 to Canadian Law
When convicted with Drinking Under the Influence you’ll first receive a license suspension. Upon notice from the Ministry of Transportation you will be able to determine the length of the suspension and any remedial requirements.

On September 30 1998, the Back On Track program became a requirement for anyone convicted of impaired driving. The Highway Traffic Act not only requires those convicted of a DUI but those who have had more then one roadside suspension. This program was not only put in place to force drivers to take responsibility for their actions, but to provide alcohol education and treatment. The main goal is to help people get their drinking problem under control and until they fulfill this requirement, they will not get their license back.

Provided by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, there are three components of the program.

The first is the Assessment

This will take about an hour and will determine the needs of the participant and whether or not they will need the education or the treatment program.

The Education Program

This is designed to provide the myths and facts about drugs and alcohol and how they affect driving and safety. This component gives a clear understanding of the legal and personal consequences involved with an impaired conviction, and also offers solutions on how to avoid drinking and driving. The portion is eight hours in total; this program is interactive and includes presentations, exercises, discussions and group work.

The Treatment Program

This program gives an in-depth look at why people drink or use drugs and the affects it has on everyday life. It explores the consequences of substance use and taking responsibility for their use. This component sets forth the commitment to reduce or stop using drugs and alcohol, while learning how to manage stress and anger, expressing different outlets such as effective communication and a healthy lifestyle change. Finally, setting a plan to avoid relapses and how to make healthier choices and avoid drinking and driving. The program consists of discussions, exercises, group work and personal planning and takes 16 hours to complete.

Finally at the end of the course you will be given a follow-up interview. This is to ensure that you are meeting and maintaining your goals, and to reinforce strategies given to avoid drinking and driving. The interview will take up 30 minutes of your time and is your responsibility to organize.

The current fee for the program is $578.00 for convicted impaired drivers and $178.00 for drivers that received a “warn”. This fee is non-refundable and the program can take 11 months to complete. Bear in mind that regardless of the duration of your suspension without successfully completing the Back On Track program, your license remains suspended.

There are also specific requirements that must be followed in order to pass the program.

There is to be no drug or alcohol use within 24 hours program participation, you must not only attend all sessions but also be on time. You must participate in all the programs activities and show that you are able to separate drinking from driving. Should you fail to meet the requirements or any of the components you will have to re-register and pay the full fee again, which could also mean your license, remains suspended even longer.

Safety for yourself and others aside, the cost of drinking and driving just isn’t worth it. Prepare yourself with the Alcomate AL 7000 and prevent yourself from the consequences that come with drinking and driving.




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