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Review of the LIfeloc LifeGuard breathalyzer.
Posted by The Breathalyzer Team on 12/16/2010 to Product News
The Lifeloc LifeGuard breathalyzer is the newest addition to our product line.  We chose to add this breathalyzer because of its accuracy, reliability and feature set.

The accuracy of this unit is as good as it gets for handheld personal breathalyzers.  It uses a platinum fuel cell sensor that has amargin of error of only 0.005% BAC.  This is the same tolerance as our professional units and law enforcement grade breathalyzers.

Linear accuracy is the key to testing a breathalyzers accuracy. Linear accuracy is the difference between successive samples taken in a short period of time.  For example three readings of 0.055, 0.050 and 0.052 would be an example of a very linearly accurate breathalyzer.  Unfortunately, most personal breathalyzers fall short and don't perform well in this type of test.  Not the LifeGuard though, this breathalyzer is not only accurate but is also linearly accurate, providing very reliable readings.

Some of the features that are unique with this breathalyzer is the three test memory.  Not only does this breathalyzer record your BAC to the third decimal place but also remembers the past three tests and displays them on the screen. This benefits the user as they can determine if their BAC is on the rise or is declining. The last three test results can also be shown graphically as a curve.

LifeGuard display


  • Platinum fuel cell sensor
  • 3 test memory
  • 9V battery provides greater number of tests
  • LCD display provides more information than most breathalyzers


  • Prce, this device is priced as a premium product
  • It is a larger device,  definitely not pocket sized

In summation, the Lifeloc LifeGuard is a great personal breathalyzer. Its feature set is unlike any other personal breathalyzer we have, making it the most advanced personal breathalyzer we sell.

We are going to give the Lifeloc LifeGuard 4 1/2 stars only because a smaller, more compact size would make this device more portable. 

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