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In Loco Parentis
Posted by The Breathalyzer Team on 2/15/2012 to General Information
In Loco Parentis is a Latin phrase which means “in place of the parent.” Originally derived from early English common law, In Loco Parentis occurs when an individual who is not the parent of the child or children in question assumes parental rights, duties, and obligations.

The most common use of this legality is within the school system, in regards to the relationship between educators and students. A teacher acting In Loco Parentis protects and disciplines children under his or her care as outlined by established limitations.

Although the Charter of Rights extends the privilege of security from unreasonable search and seizure, an educator has the right to protect pupils from enticement into illegal behaviour and to ensure the safety of other students and property. If the educator has reasonable suspicion that a student is partaking in any illegal activities, the educator may have the right to search the student’s work areas and locker, and may also check the student for alcohol.

Statistics Canada shows that teenagers drink from as early as age 15. At school dances, a principal may use a breathalyzer to test students who may then be subject to suspensions or expulsions if they have been consuming alcohol.

To protect your child, you should test him or her for alcohol consumption before any school functions if you suspect that he or she has been drinking. Achieve peace of mind and test your child with our BacTrack Element Breathalyzer.

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